CJ is a recurring villain from season 87 to 99 of TWD. CJ is the brother of youtube reacting sensation Jinx, and was very close to him. Sadly for CJ, Jinx was killed by KKK member George Zimmerman in cold blood. At this time CJ worked at the laxative factory and in a fit of rage, stole all the laxatives from the factory, so he could go on a rampage.

CJ traveled to DankCity and on his way there, CJ found the cult known as the Children of Zorp, and was intrigued by the cult and decided to join. CJ wanted to become leader of the group so he gave the leader of the cult laxatives. The leader then died and CJ jumped in as the new leader.


CJ led the Children of Zorp, putting laxatives into the ice cream of all those who denied Zorp. This caused the children the run into the Meme Force and the two had a battle on the moon. The Children of Zorp lost but CJ escaped.

He went on to later summon Zorp, but Zorp found CJ unworthy and killed him with his volcano mouth.

Personality Edit

CJ is very sly and manipulative, shown by how he tricked the Children of Zorp's leader into taking laxatives.

Powers Edit

CJ is armed with many different laxatives.