Dong is a recurring character from seasons 8 and onwards of TWD. He is an engineer for the Meme Force, and creates many inventions for the team. He secretly dates Bulk Buddy until his death in season 9. This event leaves Dong so depressed that he almost drinks a windex-bleach cocktail but Bonzi stops him. He eventually recovers and builds Toy Cory, but Toy Cory rebells and goes on a rampage. He then tries to kill himself again, and this time he succeeds and goes to hell. He is swiftly kicked out hell by Goomba, due to his annoying voice. He then comes back to the Meme Force headquarters only to see he has been replaced by Clipart Guy. Dong filled with rage secretly murders Clipart Guy and blames it on Blender. Blender is then executed, and Dong feeling so much guilt jumps off the top of an Burger King. He survives and goes on to date Barry Bee.