Dr. Stelges
Dr. Stelges is a recurring villain in season 1 through 12 of TWD. He is the Illuminati's leading scientist and is one of the leading factors in many of there plans. He is first seem in season 1 where he creates Dolan's cyborg body. He reappears in the episode Gotta Go Fast, where he tries harness Sanic's speed powers. He then gave Kwame Brown armor and weaponry to kill Shaq. In season 4, Stelges returns, where he creates an army of robot ogres. After this plot fails Stelges gives Dolan an upgrade and puts Shia's brain in a Game-Boy. He then gives Officer Salty and the police force high tech gear, and gets into a mech to fight in the final battle. He returns in season 5 where is hired by Martin Shkreli to create Dewbo. He is killed in season 12 but he kept a lab of clones, which become the main antagonist of season 52.