Goomba is a major villain in TWD. He first appeared as in episode one as Shaq's personal trainer, but was killed by Dolan two episodes later. Then at the end of episode five it is revealed that Goomba became the new Satan and wants revenge on all that have wronged him. This arch happened in episodes 6 through 8 of season 1 also known as the Hellish Oi trilogy.

Personality-Goomba was a pretty chill guy until he went to hell. He then became vengeful and cold. The only person he truly loves is his boyfriend Hitler.

Powers-Because Goomba is the ruler of hell he has a variety of satanic powers. Goomba can generate and manipulate the mystical flames of hell, which can completely destroy anything. He can also create Create and launch spheres of demonic energy. Another power that Goomba has is ability to warp reality. He can shape shift, change the appearance of others, teleport etc.


Love Life-Goomba is in a devoted relationship with Hitler.

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