RashadTheReactor or simply "Rashad" was a recurring character in season 45.

Rashad joined the Malteser Army as a part time reactor. However his true intentions were revealed in an attempt to rob Stomedy of all his drills and bleach. This lead to Rashad getting thrown in the Malteser dungeon and earning a bad reputation in the Malteser Kingdom.

Rashad managed to escape the cell and find a gnome village where he slept with and contracted/got aids from Killer Memestar's wife. One of Stomedy's henchmen caught Rashad in the act, was able to capture him and jail him as it is illegal to relate to non-Maltesers under the Malteser Law Act 1976.

Rashad escaped once again by overeating and giving aids to the prison guard, he proceeded to urinate on Stomedy's throne. Rashad overdosed on bleach and was found passed out by the Maltesers.

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