"Yes, I love the darkness, and that's because, you fuck with me, I WILL BE YOUR BIGGEST NIGHTMARE! When you're sleeping, I WILL BE THERE, when you're eating, I WILL BE THERE, when you're taking a shower, I WILL BE THERE, when you're driving, I WILL BE THERE...So, do not mess, with the darkness..."
-Stomedy warning Leafy.

"Stomedy" or Steve was a recurring character in season 45 of TWD.

Steve was once a Malteser who lived in a packet of Maltesers on the Malteser shelf in a store. One day an angry kid went rampaging through the Malteser packages, leaving one Malteser left, Steve. During the night the store was closed, Steve had fallen out of the packaging, a large wave of energy from another dimension called Teletubbyland swarmed in which caused Steve to transform into a human/Malteser/Teletubby hybrid.

Steve decided to pick up a job as a security guard, taking night shifts operating at an abandoned warehouse. Steve was struck at by a ghost, he discovered mermaids while fishing and spotted alien-like creatures throughout his career. Steve was inspired to discover more about the supernatural from that day forward.

Steve, now more commonly known as "Stomedy" has since created a YouTube channel to share his experiences and review footage of strange creatures and mermaids. He was then proven to be the strongest meme lord alive, he decided to drill himself in the head, drink bleach, smoke paper and was immune to any pain.

A reptilian army ran by a man named Leafy launched an attack toward Stomedy's new army of Maltesers. Stomedy shreds a leaf in retaliation, troops were sent from Leafy's reptilian army as Stomedy's Maltesers would defend his kingdom.

All Maltesers were out of sight as Leafy's army took this opportunity to attack, a giant Stomedy arises from the ground after eating his own malteser army, shoots them as projectiles destroying a heap of reptilian troops.

In the end the two war leaders battled it out. Leafy was revealed to be the boy who had eaten Stomedy's Malteser friends in the shop years ago and a former member of the Illuminati. The two proceed to fight until Teletubbies mysteriously appeared and teleported them far away from one another, never to see each other again.

From this very day, Stomedy still seeks revenge on the reptilian King.

Powers Edit

STick his big fat juicy toe into that chip bag.

Personality Edit

Stomedy is eager to fight like a Malteser and live with the honor of the Teletubbies saving him. Both Leafy and himself still gain a rising hatred.

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