The Oi Fall Mini Series also known as season 2.5 is five episode mini series telling the events between seasons 2 and 3. The big four are not in this series, but instead each episode focuses on different side character from TWD and tells there story.

1-Cory's Story:Cory is at the white house ramming his girl friend Kim Kardashian. Suddenly the new villain Lord Farquaad starts to take over the White House, claiming that he is now president and he orders that Cory be executed. It is now up to Cory and Kim K to defend themselves.

2-Sanic's Story:Farquaad is now king of Danktopia and he puts the Meme Force on the wanted list. Sanic is now on the run from the cops. If they catch him they will cut his slong off.

3-Pc Principal's Story:An angry Pc Principal leads a rebellion attack on Farquaad's castle due to the fact that they arent respecting PC.

4-Spooky the Skeleton's Story:Farquaad starts mass genocide on all species he finds inferior, starting with the skeletons.

5-Barry Bee's Story:The rebellion sends Barry on a mission to assassinate Farquaad.

Critical Reception-The reception for this series was mixed with some episodes being great while other being mediocre. Many fans rejected the series due to the fact that it lacked the big four.